Welcome to Chateau Mondou

Château Mondou is a countryside holiday manor consisting of three parts: The “Apartment” wing that forms part of the main building, for 2-8 people. – The “Porterhouse” for 3-6 people. – The “Barn” with front terrace and garden for 2-6 people.

The manor was built some time in the 12th or 13th century. The manor, which at some point in time was the home of a local count, is located in an area where the British and the French fought many battles in the past. At present a group of researchers is looking into the history of the manor and other nearby buildings. The manor is some 5 minutes away from Villeneuve-s-Lot, a small city with a lovely old centre and lots of outside terraces, markets and restaurants. North of the manor one finds the small walled city of Monflanquin, another popular tourist location. The area is known for its Bergerac, Cahors and Buzet wine.

There are many fruit trees, and plum trees in particular. Plums are an important local export product, either in the form of a jam or preserve, or in dried form. Many farmers also produce tobacco, corn or sunflowers, which makes for a very colourful view in summer. In the direct vicinity of the manor one can go for long walks, go cycling or canoeing. The nearby golf terrain(18 holes) is within sight from the manor. A short walk downhill takes you to the tiny village of St. Radegonde, where you can play tennis. The manor has a large swimming pool (11 x 5), and a mini-pool for small children.

There is also a tabletennis table and, next to the shed, a large barbeque for general use. Inside there are more than enough beach chairs and parasols for use on the large terrace. Both the large 2 ha terrain and the balconies offer an excellent view of the whole surrounding area. Behind the shed are the ruins of the ‘pigeonnier’, where a group of small bats live, and, above the main entrance inside the small tower, we have our own owl, a so-called ‘dame blanche’. Due to the new road to Cahors, it should be possible to drive to the manor from the UK in a single day. If you travel by rail, you must travel via Bordeaux to Agen and then take the bus or a small city semi-express service to Penne d´Agenais, where we can then pick you up by car. You could also fly to Bordeaux, Toulouse and Bergerac and then take a train or rent a car there.With Ryanair It will be sometimes very economic travelling.

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